How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions — for Real

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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions — for Real

Another new year, another resolution… build your book, add new services, attend a tradeshow. How can you make sure this year is the year you actually achieve your goals? Below are seven suggestions from author and personal coach Jim Fannin to help make those New Year’s resolutions stick:

1. Be realistic. Make a list of things that are realistically possible. Limit your resolutions. It’s better to change one big thing than five little ones.

2. Make your resolutions measurable. I want to be happy… I want to lose weight… I want to get healthy. These are all nice thoughts, but they are only wishful thinking. A resolution that is measurable is something like: I want to weigh 122 pounds by March 1.

3. See it and say it as if it’s so. I am going to lose weight is not a resolution. Act as if you have already accomplished your feat. Say what you want in finished state: “I am fit at 140 pounds with 10% body fat.”

4. Place a deadline. In order to make mental, physical, and technical routine changes in your life, a deadline is mandatory.

5. Break it down. If you have an annual goal, break it down into months, weeks, and days. Create an action plan, and be aware of the tactics and strategies on a daily basis.

6. Remain positive. Negative self-talk regarding your resolution will always end in failure. Avoid putting yourself down, talking about the past, comparing yourself to others, or judging yourself.

7. Daily dress rehearsal. Mentally dress rehearse the next day the night before. Visualize what you will accomplish regarding your resolution.


Annette Calvillo, Fill 413 Nail Studio, Waukesha, Wis.:
“As I go into my second year of business I want to tackle 10 items on my to-do list for 2015:
1. Be recognized as a 5-Star Safe Salon and add an autoclave.
2. Be recognized as the place to go for the best waterless manicures and pedicures.
3. Be nominated to make the A-List Milwaukee.
4. Create a comfortable pedicure set up for all body types and mobility challenges. 
5. Continue to find and use the best natural products for luxurious services.
6. Create a brand. I have many ideas! 
7. Improve nail art techniques to enter more competitions. 
8. Start doing contract work for ads, movies, special events, local celebrities, etc.
9. Become a Certified Advanced Nail Tech (ANT) and Certified Medical Nail Tech (CMNT). 
10. Start planning to open another location in San Diego, Calif., in 2016.”


Michelle Phoenix, Wet Paint Nail Spa, Cambridge, Mass.:
“I plan to raise my prices (it’s been at least four years), create new services to jazz up my menu (it’s almost 10 years old), and start charging for nail art and nail repairs. I love my clients and do art and repairs for free, but I’ve come to realize that it’s OK to be paid what I’m worth. I’m also really trying to step up my marketing game. My clients are tried and true, but my book isn’t full. I’d like to draw in an additional clientele — young women who are as crazy about nail art as I am. Last but not least, I feel that my work is good enough to warrant celebrity status. I want to be sought after by people outside of just my spa’s neighborhood.”


Jennifer Perdue, Details Nail Salon, Bloomington, Ill.:
“My biggest resolution is to expand my business to include the practice of reflexology. There are so many expandable services in our industry! With this certification, I can provide a standalone service, an add-on service for pedicures or manicures, and offer more retail, all while providing the client with a healthy, relaxing, and helpful experience. Secondly, I will strive to be more grateful to all of my clients for helping  provide me with a wonderful career and many friendships!”



 G Elizondo, Bling Nails by G, Las Vegas:
“For the New Year, I am going to really make an effort to remember to take photos of all new sets. Sometimes I get in a hurry (or get to talking too much) and forget to take a picture. Then later I think about the nails and get mad at myself for forgetting!”