about fill 413

At fill 413 nail studio, both men and women receive the ultimate in professional and luxurious services in a relaxing and calming environment. A full array of services and treatments are available, while introducing the waterless manicure and pedicure and the latest innovative techniques in the industry. The rejuvenating experiences of your services are complementary to the highest quality products, as well as my personal guarantee of the utmost levels of safety and sanitation for your well-being. My experience, knowledge and careful attention to every detail will bring you peace of mind and enhance the enjoyment of your visit to fill 413 nail studio.

luxurious experience

fill 413 nail studio introduces the waterless manicure and pedicure. Soft and luxurious sanitized hot towels are used instead of a foot spa avoiding the cumbersome task of properly cleaning the foot spa and jets. By going waterless, this service technique saves two to five gallons of water per each pedicure service and eliminates the risk associated with water-borne bacteria making it safer for clients and better for our environment.

The products are carefully researched and selected for their high standards. Divinely inspired sugar scrub is used for the exfoliating process, consisting of pure essential oils and all natural ingredients with no fillers. For a truly luxurious feel, sunflower oil, pure aloe vera and 100% pure essential oil are blended in cosmetic grade Kaolin clay from England. The Kaolin clay is cosmetic grade, approved by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Organic Atlantic Kelp grows deep in the cold sub-tidal waters of Northwestern Iceland. It is responsibly harvested, dried and milled following the organic standards of QAI. This wonderful sea vegetable is added for that extra cleansing quality.

Known for its healing properties, raw, unrefined, 100% pure organic shea butter containing no additives is used to moisturize the skin. It is blended with massage oil containing botanical extracts of sea algae, green tea, which is vegan, gluten and paraben free, rich in vitamins A & E, contains Jojoba, making it safe for sensitive skin for the ultimate service for both men and women.

Enjoy a waterless manicure or pedicure in our clean and relaxing studio. Your comfort and safety are our first priority.

We use only pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients.

Cosmetic-grade Kaolin clay, from England, is used in our clay masks.

Organic Atlantic Kelp is added for it's extra cleansing quality.

We also use raw, unrefined, 100% pure organic shea butter to moisturize skin.